Krushi Mandi is an application that allows Farmers and crop buyers to connect to each other directly on the same platform. It is aimed to aid the farmers with a platform to communicate with the buyers directly without the need of a mediator (dalaal) and thus help in the benefit of both farmer and the consumer. This initiative helps farmers identify various new markets And keep track of the crop rates of various Markets in nearby districts.


                      >Online registration of Kisan (farmer).

                      > Farmer can sell crops such as fruits, vegetables, pulses,etc.

                      >Buyers can contact farmers directly to buy crops.

                      >Portal shows newly added crops(fresh stock) and ratings.


                     > Farmers Can decide where to sell their food produce as they can see
                      rates of multiple mandi’s simultaneously.

                      >Keep track of the rates of crops in various cities along with current price
                     and previous day price.

                      >This software helps eliminate Mediator and enables farmer to sell their
                      produce directly to potential .